Rocket fuel for your practice.

Truly intelligent document generation and data management software for creating and maintaining corporations

  1. Effortlessly Incorporate & Organize Corporations
    Effortlessly Incorporate & Organize Corporations
    Create intelligently drafted articles; by-laws; minutes & resolutions; share subscriptions, certificates & notices; registers & ledgers; government forms; reporting letters & summaries in a snap
  2. Accurate & Automatic Merging & Formatting
    Accurate & Automatic Merging & Formatting
    Quickly and accurately create consistently-formatted documents - automatically merging dates, names, titles & addresses; adjusting genders; correctting singular & plural references & numbering paragraphs
  3. Appropriately Formatted Signature Blocks
    Appropriately Formatted Signature Blocks
    Automatically generate signature blocks for all document signatories, including witnesses where required, whether for single or multiple individuals, corporations or other entity types
  4. Confidently draft complex share provisions (simple ones too)
    Confidently draft complex share provisions (simple ones too)
    Intelligently draft complex share provisions quickly and accurately - resolving complicated legal issues such as the inter-relationships and rankings of multiple share classes with variety of rights and privileges
  5. Minutes & Resolutions
    Minutes & Resolutions
    Document director & shareholder decisions made by way of meeting minutes or written resolutions – all within the same document - and quickly and easily change from one method to the other with the click of a button
  6. Real-time, final document previews
    Real-time, final document previews
    Quickly & easily toggle between an interview screen and a real-time preview of the final form of the document to be generated
  7. Corporate Data Maintained
    Corporate Data Maintained
    All corporate data is maintained & saved in a compact answer file, eliminating duplication of data entry
  8. Point in Time Documents & Reports
    Point in Time Documents & Reports
    Quickly create or re-create documents and reports for past, present or future events and automatically adjust all data fields to reflect the reality at any specific point in time

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