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Real Intelligence & Dynamic Drafting
Much more than simple merging of data into static templates.
As an experienced corporate lawyer, you know that drafting share provisions can be an extremely time-consuming endeavour - especially when dealing with multiple classes of shares with a variety of different rights, privileges, restrictions and conditions, not to mention rankings for both dividends and participation.
This is where SpeedMatters is worth its weight in gold.  
Create as many classes of shares as you wish, answer basic interview questions about each class and almost magically, SpeedMatters intelligently drafts the share provisions for you.
The accountant changes your instructions at the last minute - adding new classes, changing attributes, adding a conversion privilege or some such thing - no worries.  Simply add the new share classes and/or make the required changes to your interview answers and "voila" - the share provisions, including all rankings, rights, privileges, conditions and restrictions are automatically udated.
Easy & Intuitive Interviews
Incorporate, Organize & Maintain Ontario Corporations
All information required to complete all final documents, including the Articles of Incorporation, Form 1 - Initial Return, and all director & shareholder resolutions, consents, share subscriptions, share certificates or notices of uncertificated securities, audit exemption consent, registers and ledgers and report to your client are collected in simple and intuitive interviews, that expand where additional information is required.
Real-Time Previews
Incorporate, Organize & Maintain Ontario Corporations
As you input or change answers in any interview screen, you can easily toggle back and forth from the interview to a real-time preview of the document(s) you are working on before sending the results to your word processor.
Polished Finished Documents
Consistent formatting & merging in all documents
Impress your clients with final documents that are elegantly and consistently formatted. Relevant input data is processed and merged to ensure that all references to gender and number are accurately and appropriately reflected.   Names, dates and other information is properly merged and the consistent use of font types, sizes and styles, appropriate page and section breaks and automatic numbering make the final documents a thing of beauty .
Efficient Data Input & Recovery
All data inputs are maintained in compact answer files - easy to retrieve and reuse
Enter your data for a corporation once and never have to input it again.  All data related to a corporation is saved in compact answer files and is available to for retrieval the next time you open the file to create new documents, such as annual minutes or resolutions, or even documents as at some prior point-in-time.
Accurate & Sophisticated Formatting
Complete & Accurate Signature Blocks & Date Lines
Never worry about whether you missed a name or date when you did that search and replace on your old precedent again.
Forgiving & Adaptable
Switch between meeting minutes & written resolutions in a click
Have you ever spent valuable time preparing a bunch of resolutions and once you are finished, the instructions change and the decision must be documented by way of minutes - which will take you another bunch of time that you will not be able to recover or bill for?
SpeedMatters to the rescue.  A simple click of a button allows the user to toggle between "Written Resolutions" or "Meeting Minutes" .
Point-in-time Reports & Documents
Create registers, ledgers, minutes & resolutions currently or at any prior point in time
By using the "Reference Date" concept and by tracking relevant dates, SpeedMatters makes it possible to simply generate documents as at any prior point in time.  For example, even if the shareholders have changed several times since then, if you need to document the minutes of a shareholder meeting that occurred a number of years ago - no problem - once the necessary data has been entered once, that data remains available - simply set the Reference Date to the date of the meeting, enter the meeting particulars and with the click of a button, generate your minutes.  Similarly create registers, ledgers or any other document as at any point-in-time.
Online or Paper Filing
You decide.  
SpeedMatters will create .xml file for easy online filing of Articles of Incorporation - or if you prefer, we can do the old-fashioned way and generate a hard-copy for paper filing
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Intelligently Drafted, Beautifully Formatted, Signature-Ready
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